Top 10 Canadian Cities with Most Sugar Daddies

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Dating Trends

Life expense can be surprisingly expensive than ever, that’s why there is litter surprise that outnumbers sugar daddy dating platform pops up and down every day. An increasing number of sugar babies in Canada even all over the world are starting to accept these mutually beneficial relationships. So which Canadian cities come with the most “sugar daddies” and sugar babies?

The capital has done research on which Canadian cities ranked as the top 10 across the country. The survey was conducted by SugarDaddyMeet, an official Canadian sugar dating site designed for rich successful men and young attractive women for seeking mutually beneficial relationships. The site defined sugar daddy as a successful man, no matter he is married or divorced, single or separated, who is willing to provide financial support for young vibrant sugar babies and spoil them with finer things in life in return for companionship.

According to the website Sugar Daddy Meet Canada, Toronto ranked No.1, making it the sugar daddy capital of Canada. Montreal and Calgary followed closely in second and third spots, with over 22,535 sugar daddies and 18,567 sugar daddies, respectively. Then Ottawa ranked the fourth with over 10,553 sugar daddies, following by Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Quebec City, Halifax, and Hamilton.


Ranked No.1, with about 53,149 sugar daddies and 171,215 sugar babies, making it the sugar daddy Capital of Canada. Besides, Toronto sugar daddies spend an average monthly budget of approximately $4,000, ranking number third in terms of generosity.


Ranked No.2, with about 22,535 sugar daddies and 58,866 sugar babies, making it the second popular cities for finding sugar daddies. Montreal sugar daddies spend about $4,209 for an average monthly budget, ranking number second in terms of generosity.


Ranked No.3, with about 18,567 sugar daddies and 46,939 sugar babies, letting it one of the most popular cities for seeking secret arrangements. Calgary sugar daddies spend about $4,320 for an average monthly budget, ranking number first in terms of generosity.


Ranked No.4, with about 10,553 sugar daddies and 37,793 sugar babies, making it the fourth Canadian city for secret benefits. Ottawa sugar daddies spend about $3,890 for an average monthly budget, ranking number fourth in terms of generosity.


Ranked No.5, with about 10,108 sugar daddies and 34,675 sugar babies, making it the fifth popular city for finding sugar babies. Edmonton sugar daddies spend about $3,690 for an average monthly budget, ranking number fifth in terms of generosity


Ranked No.6, with about 9,288 sugar daddies and 32,864 sugar babies, making it the sixth city in Canada. Winnipeg sugar daddies spend about $3,450 for an average monthly budget, ranking number sixth in terms of generosity.

Canadian Sugar Daddy Income

About 40% of Canadian sugar daddies on the site are married, and most of them will make it clear in their profile. On Sugar Daddy Meet Canada, plenty of sugar daddies get their income verified by providing annual income, aiming to attract sugar babies’ attention and boost their chance of finding successful matches. They have earned an average income of $250,000 a year, income ranges vary from person to person. Some are generous enough to spend about $5,000-$6,000 for a monthly allowance for their sugar babies, while others may spend $3,000 to $4,000 on their sugar babies. In addition to weekly allowance, sugar babies will get other bonuses, lavish gifts, and other incentives.

According to SugarDaddyMeetCA, sugar daddies are growing younger in terms of age, which means sugar daddies’ average income is dropping as well. College students account for the main part of sugar babies as college sugar babies in their early 20th are more open-minded towards this relationship. on the other hand, traditional ways of applying financial support to attend university are quite difficult. College sugar babies especially those in the metropolis are financing the tens of thousands of dollars to cover their living expenses, rent, education, billings, etc. Excepting sugar babies who want to get financial support, there are plenty of young attractive ladies who know their precious assets, pursuing an upgraded lifestyle they dreamed of.

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